“Let’s strengthen the voices of migrants!” Launch of an innovative participation tool in Ljubljana

What do you need to feel more at home in Ljubljana?

On the 11th of July, in the premises of KD GMAJNA (Ulica Vide Pregarčeve 11), there has been an interactive presentation of the open source online tool for political participation DECIDIM LJUBLJANA .

DECIDIM is an online tool that enables the co-creation of proposals for more inclusive policies and new ways of interaction between city dwellers and local and national authorities, promoting a culture of democracy.

DECIDIM Ljubljana is in the pilot phase of development and it is part of the Empowering Migrant Voices on Integration and Inclusion Policies (EMVI) project, which promotes the political participation of migrants at the local and municipal levels.

The aim of the online tool DECIDIM Ljubljana is to increase and strengthen the political voice and the integration of migrant people living in the municipality of Ljubljana. The platform is available in 13 languages.

Ideas that would improve the life of migrants in Ljubljana can be shared here: https://ljubljana.participation.works/. Accepted ideas will be presented to the Municipality of Ljubljana.

How to participate:

Register on the website.

  1. Click the “SHARE YOUR IDEA” button
  2. Click the “SEE ALL IDEAS” button
  3. Click the “NEW IDEA” button
  4. Create your idea.

DECIDIM Ljubljana is also an application that you can install when you register on the website.

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