EMVI proposes, pilots and assesses 3 relevant tools for participation and
consultation of migrants on policy topics relevant for their communities and
citizen rights.

  • On the one hand the methodology of issue-raising workshops will be adapted
    for this context. The concept for the facilitation of issue raising meetings
    will be developed based on legislative theatre, open space methodology, Pedagogy
    of the Oppressed and the issue raising concept used by trade unions in
    South-East Asia. The main idea is to raise issues of concern of migrants and
    their organisations in a participative open space and develop them to
    possible policy demands and solutions.

  • Secondly, a digital platform for migrants’ participation based on the open
    source tool DECIDIM will be set up and adapted to the local context to open new
    spaces for issue raising and making policy proposals, adapted for migrant
    communities which are often excluded from participation in elections and
    citizenship-related rights.

  • Thirdly, based on the experiences of the Migrant Advisory Council in Berlin
    and Graz and the lessons learnt in past experiences like in Empoli and other
    European cities, the model of migrant advisory councils as a consultation mechanism
    will be presented and revised, on the basis of the results of Good Practise

The implementation phase will be accompanied by an accompanying external
evaluation. The tools will be presented to the European institutions and
platform organisations in Brussels at the end of the project and disseminated
on European level.

Watch this space for updates and links to upcoming participation possibilities


E-Participation Tools

Online Participation Platform