IPARTICIPATE - Immigrants Political Awareness Raising Through Instruments for Citizenship and Participation Activities


The association “IPARTICIPATE” was born in 2015 in Florence as a follow-up of the European project IPARTICIPATE (Immigrants Political Awareness Raising Through Instruments for Citizenship and Participation Activities). The Association, formally registered as a voluntary association, has continued to work to promote the participation of youths to the public and political life of the country in which they live.  The association is formed by many “second generation” youngsters, born and/or raised in Italy, coming from families with a migration background. They come from different parts of the world and mainly from Albania, Morocco and Romania, thus reflecting the main foreign communities established in Italy. The main objective of IPARTICIPATE is to promote the socio-political awareness of the so-called “second generations” youngsters, i.e. coming from immigrant families, and making them active actors of the social and political life of the society. All the activities carried on converge on the same stream: raising awareness and promoting issues such as the reform of the Italian citizenship law and its recent rejection, the fight against racism and discriminations based on nationality, color of the skin and religion and the fight against the diffusion of hate speech against migrants. In political terms, one of the most central issues of IPARTICIPATE is focused on the acquisition of the Italian citizenship by children born and/or raised in Italy coming from immigrant families.  

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