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SUNUGAL is an association sociocultural founded by the initiative of a group of citizens foreigners, in large part senegalese. Sunugal operates both in Senegal and in Italy with cultural, educational, artistic, aggregation and international cooperation, relying especially on volunteering and on self. It is a socio-cultural association and recognized codevelopment. Born of the parent association, Sunugal Italy, it is autonomous as regards its status, with a president and local staff. It is a national association, that has its headquarters in Thies and work in the country. Sunugal means in Wolof language, "our boat", a sign of the desire to share a journey that may involve cultural differences through what projects born, first in Italy and Senegal. Its main function is the co-development between the two countries, through the development of socio economic and cultural projects. In addition the association is active in research partnerships and collaborations between cooperation and development actors operating in Senegal. It is intended primarily for migrants and their parents' home villages in an intercultural perspective that represents an ideal bridge between North e South of the world.

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