IIT - The Intercultural Institute from Timisoara (I.I.T.)


The Intercultural Institute from Timisoara (I.I.T.) is a non-governmental organisation, autonomous and without financial profit, with cultural, civic and scientific activity, without political goals, that accepts and promotes the values and principles of the Council of Europe in the intercultural dimension. I.I.T. was established in 1992, with the support of local authorities from Timisoara and the Council of Europe. I.I.T. pursues the development of the intercultural dimension in the field of education and culture while promoting at the national and international level the climate of tolerance and dialogue specific to the town of Timisoara. The I.I.T. has established a wide network of partners from all over the world, including institutions, NGOs and professionals from its areas of interest, such as education, culture, youth and minorities.

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