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UNICEF Slovenia

  1. UNICEF is the driving force that helps build a world where the rights of every child are realized. UNICEF Slovenia is a part of international organization, working on the field of sustainable development and international development aid for 64 years.
  2. UNICEF Slovenia supports programs in developing countries since it was founded in 1993.
  3. UNICEF Slovenia principle activities are fundraising for program support in developing countries, sales, advocacy and education for development. Departments cooperate among themselves all the time.

Significant achievements:

  1. UNICEF Slovenia develops and executes programs in Slovenia of advocacy and education for development since 1996, starting with primary schools, following by kindergartens in 2001 and after that with high schools in 2005. UNICEF Slovenia is one of the first organizations in Slovenia starting with education for development and child rights education in primary schools and kindergartens.
  2. UNICEF Slovenia exchanges good practices about education and fundraising with other UNICEF National Committees on international level. This ensures high quality of all activities UNICEF Slovenia executes.
  3. UNICEF Private Fundraising and partnership regional office Geneva and UNICEF High Quarter support UNICEF Slovenia with all needed professional support.
  4. UNICEF Slovenia did a three year international project (2007 – 2009) Global economy – global solidarity: Promotion of millennium development goals, co-financed by European Union. The project consisted out of three components: General Communication Campaign,    Communication support for the existing Education for Development programs and Communication support in mobilizing NGO’s and decision makers.
  5. UNICEF Slovenia in the past ran a lot of very successful campaigns for fundraising and awareness raising about sustainable development and development aid (Rag doll, Street children in Rwanda, Children in golden mines in Burkina Faso, Each drop of water counts, …).

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