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UISP is a national association born in 1948. UISP is formally recognized by the Italian Olympic Committee as Sport Promotion Association, UISP is the association of all the individuals and collective bodies who want to be protagonists in the world of sport via direct practice, training experiences, events and projects. UISP is a national organization who realizes its goals via its 168 local committees. UISP supports the values of sports against every form of exploitation, alienation, against doping; it works for the wellness of all citizens, the values of human dignity, non violence, solidarity among people and it cooperates with all the ones who share these principles. Recognizing sport as a right of citizenship, as resource for integration, UISP engages itself to the promotion and diffusion – in sport as well as in social life through sport – of a culture of rights, environment respect and solidarity. UISP promotes the educational value of sport in both individual and social growth. UISP promotes active life styles focused on movement. UISP is a non profit organization which operates in respect of the existing laws and it is based on statute rules inspired to the principles of social active participation and in conditions of equal opportunity.

UISP is composed by a wide network of subjects who, at different level and roles, contribute to the associative life. Following, the basic elements. UISP has 17.500 associated Sports Club, for the organization of Sport activities in their facilities and structures and a total amount of about 1.250.000 individual members.

Uisp develop not only cultural innovation, but also methodological and organizational technique for migrants’ integration. Sport for all potentially extended to all citizens the provision of physical practice as a practical research and experimentation of a better quality life that affects primarily the health and fitness, privileges outdoor practice, engages with the development of experiences that exploit sweets energy using poor equipment and versatile space. Association through its initiatives, campaigns, projects and activities aims to develop the various aspects of sports: competitive (with special attention to amateur and amateur), spectacular choreography, and instrumental (sports health, welfare, to protect the environment).

Uisp seeks to deepen and promote the various faces of the "sport for all" and its "social value". In particular the theme of solidarity, declined on the ground of inclusion and socialization, it becomes the point of the many projects that the Association is active on denied rights, as in the case of projects for migrants. The objective is to achieve a public awareness and to peaceful coexistence among people of different cultures through the use of sport as a tool of socialization and inclusion.

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Daniela Conti
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FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe)ISCA (International Sport and Culture Association)CSIT
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