DWDL - Multiplying Decent Work – Decent Life


Think global, act global! International cooperation among Trade Unions is crucial in times of globalization Multinational companies, but also more and more smaller companies, shift production and services (e.g. accounting or call centers...) more and more to low-wage countries of Asia, Africa, latin america or Eastern Europe. To get companies to invest states under-bid each other: ever lower wages, less workers rights, very little social and ecological standards... Only through the international work of trade unions, that negotiate international framework agreements and solidarity agreements, anchor ILO conventions in daily practice and work together in alliances with NGOs, this race to the bottom can be stopped! Acting global needs global consciousness! This project “Multiplying Decent work for decent life” offers numerous possibilities to inform oneself on global interconnections and action possibilities of trade unions: a one-year training course, one-day seminars, public events as well as a mobile exhibition and more. Global consciousness needs networking Contact with like minded colleagues of the whole world is of utmost importance – therefore interesting guests from different (developing) countries and different sectors are invited for exchange. Especially close relations are built in the three partner countries. The project is conducted in partnership between a trade union and a NGO in each of the them (Romania, Austria, Bulgaria, Brazil, Poland, Lithuania). In a joint module of the one-year training course the participants of the three countries get to know each other, exchange between themselves and learn together and from each other.

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decent work
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36 month(s)
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EC, Austrian Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
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