Development of Nyamirambo Women’s Centre in Kigali and connecting Rwandan and Slovenian NGOs


The purpose of this project is a strategic empowerment of Rwandan women's NGOs , in particular, the recently established Nyamirambo Women's Centre in Kigali, Rwanda in order for it to become self-sustainable non-governmental organization and the impact factor in both the local community as well as in the broader Rwandan society. 
The purpose of such "dual- empowerment" is to develop an action strategy, which will also strengthen the capacity of this women's group as well as its ability to reach out to the local population, especially marginalized groups of women and children (victims of violence , street children from streets, genocide orphans, Muslim women, single mothers, women infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, illiterate and less educated women , etc.). The objectives set by this project promote the development activities of Slovenian NGOs in sub-Saharan Africa and implement the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. Objectives that this project will achieve are the following: - The establishment of direct contacts between the Rwandan women's NGOs and Slovenian civil society as well as encouraging  Slovenian encourage to get involved in development projects in Africa - To increase the social integration of marginalized groups of women in the local community of Nyamirambo -Kigali - Ensuring the sustainability of NWC
- Greater visibility and impact of the Nyamirambo Women's Center

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development cooperation
Timing [start date]
Timing [duration]
12/31/2010 endless
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Financed by
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Slovenia, OSI East-East program: partnership beyond borders
Partner organisations
Nyamirambo Women's Centre