Human rights and migrants


Project on the topic of human rights and migrants in its widest sense would deal with the question of European citizenship as an open status, which would be accessible to all those living in Europe and not just those, who are already EU citizens. It would deal with questions of sovereignty, borders, citizenship, nationality, EU policies, etc. We could especially focus on the question of the migrant construction workers in Slovenia and their access to health services. We would apply namely to European Commission's tenders and calls, especially since year 2013 is the year of European Citizenship. We would submit more applications on this topic.

The main holders of this project could be Peace Institute or Slovene Philantropy. Other partners according to the specific activity could be the following: Peace Institute would deal with research, Institute for African Studies and International African Forum would deal with awareness raising, Slovene Philanthropy and NGOs legal and information center would deal with advocacy and NGOs Zavod Global, Humanitas, Institute for African Studies and International African Forum could deal with education. Of course, we are open to partnerships from other EU and non-EU countries.

Project Details

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decent work
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EuropeEU and non-EU countries
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Partner organisations
Peace Institute - Institute for Contemporary Social and Political StudiesSLOVENE PHILANTHROPY, Association for Promotion of Volunteer WorkInstitute for African StudiesInstitute for Global Learning and Projects DevelopmentHumanitasInternational African ForumPravno informacijski center nevladnih organizacij (NGOs legal and information center)