Linking lives – building solidarity with the elderly in developing countries


The ultimate objective of the three-year project is to establish direct ties and solidarity among older people in the European Union countries and the developing countries and influence the authorities of the European Union to draw attention to the need for the direct involvement of older people in the development of policy and practice. Neglect of the elderly in the context of development cooperation is reflected in the deterioration of their economic situation, and consequently denies them their human rights.  The project aims to make the   European public and the relevant decision-makers to draw attention to the problems faced by older people in developing countries and to the important but unfortunately often overlooked contribution of older people developing their communities.

Project Details

in implementation
Project area
development cooperation
Timing [duration]
3 year(s)
Timing [status]
Project range
Czech RepublicKenyaNetherlandsUnited KingdomSri Lanka
Financed by
European Union, EuropeAid