NWC sustainability - NWC sustainability – socioeconomic engagement and poverty reduction in local community Nyamirambo in Kigali


The project is a meaningful upgrade of the project “Nyamirambo (Kigali) Women’s Centre development and development integration of Rwandan and Slovenian NGOs” which was implemented in year 2009.
General goal of this project is to empower already existing independent women’s center as a stable local and regional well-placed organization of civil society in one of the poorest post-conflict region of the Great Lakes which has at disposal necessary infrastructure and is capable of influencing social happening, to generate income on the basis of community based economic activity, to defend women’s and children’s interests in local community – and by this influence also local and national policies.
Specific goals: • Achieving better social inclusion of specific groups of women, greater gender equality, respect to women’s and children’s rights through increased action and intervention of women’s group on local and national level • Greater economic empowerment and of women and members of local community and poverty reduction through implementation of income generating activities • Establshment of sustainable infrastructure on the long-term by construction of the house - center • Improvement of formal and informal education of women and children in local community • Visibility of women’s center and reflection of development activities in regional and global context

Project Details

Project area
development cooperation
Timing [start date]
Timing [duration]
10/15/2011 endless
Timing [status]
Project range
Financed by
Peace Institute – Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Slovenia
Partner organisations
Nyamirambo Women's CentreMinistry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of SloveniaMinistry of Public Administration and Government office for Local Self-government and regional policy, Republic of SloveniaAssociation SOS telephone for women and children victims of violence, Republic of SloveniaNew Dawn Associates Kigali Institute of Education – Center for Gender, Culture and Development (KIE – CGCD)Rwanda Association of University Women