SHEA BUTTER(Karité) Project


Shea butter trees are everywhere in Burkina Faso mainly in the southwest.According to the development goals of the government of Burkina Faso and the recent  programm of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the resources in the african forests can provide an important source of income,decrease the problem of lack of food and by the way the poverty. The Shea butter project for and with women meets this development strategy. Traditionally, the shea butter was produced by women in a long painful handmaking process.Nowadays, new technologies can help to produce easily more butter and from the butter soap to be cosummed and sold in order to increase the income of the women and allow their children to go to school. In March 2013 the project has been partially funded by the Austrian Development Agency through the VIDC-Wiener Institut. Barka Barka still need a financing of 2600 Euros to build the building where the women will install the shea butter machine and start their activity.    

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