Twiyubacke Nyamirambo – Establishing Women’s Self-empowerment Association of Nyamirambo – Kigali


The main objectives of this Project are:
  • to increase empowerment of a marginalized group of younger women in Nyamirambo;
  • to overcome the absence of solidarity among women, to build their self-confidence and competences on the
  • to facilitate self-help and community participation in gender equality advocacy and to develop sustainable local capacity for gender equality awareness raising;
  • to teach women how to create spaces where their needs and problems related to the link between victimisation, gender based violence, and other areas of life can be identified and taken up by themselves;
  • to start a strategic partnership of a new EU donor country’s women’s NGO (Slovenia) with the Rwandan NGO sector.
Activities: 1. Starting up
  • Kick-off activities of  all partners and prospective volunteers;
  • Recruitment of women for the group, meetings start, define mission and plan the work of the group, preparations for registration with the government, look for the local office space;
  • Establishment of the local office in Nyamirambo, equipment purchase, office space organisation.
2. Building self-help capacities
  • Carrying out a workshop on basic skills in self-help, management of the group and counselling;
  • Meeting with Rwandan partner and the women’s group;
  • Production and collection of materials for further use of the group – acquire books, simple manual, leaflet.
3. Building gender awareness
  • Carrying out awareness raising and learning workshop concerning gender based violence, everyday gender discrimination and access to education.
4. Monitoring, evaluation and reporting
  • Monitor the implementation of the project;
  • Intermediate evaluation and progress report;
  • Final Evaluation and final report production;
5. Dissemination and sustainability
  • Dissemination – website design and maintenance, leaflets, open door day;
  • Sustainability work – further fund raising activities in Slovenia, Europe and East Africa, work with recruitment of further volunteers, work on own governmental, international, sources – sustainability plan.

Project Details

Project area
development cooperation
Timing [start date]
Timing [duration]
08/31/2008 endless
Timing [status]
Project range
Financed by
Austrian Development Agency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia