Shortening distances: EMVI Project in Lustenau (Austria)

People from 89 different countries live in the municipality of Lustenau, in Vorarlberg in the very western part of Austria. However, not all people have contact with the municipality. Precisely to broaden the participation of people with a migratory background within the municipality, Natalie Weber from the department “Living Together” of Lustenau and Sonja Jochum from Südwind Vorarlberg visited together in December different Turkish and Asian restaurants and business activities to illustrate the EMVI project, its aims and directions, and to invite them, along with migrant associations and organisations present in the territory, to an open presentation of the project held at the municipality. Following this information activity, three project launches took place in January: one held in German, one in German with Turkish translation and one in German with Arabic translation. This was an opportunity to inform people about the project and the planned activities and invite them to participate in the trainings and workshops that will follow.

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