NACA - Norfolk African Community Association


The Norfolk African Community Association was founded in 2001 by members of the African community in Norwich as a voluntary organisation, who espouse the need to promote and sustain African heritage among its members in Norfolk - United Kingdom. Our aims and objectives:
  • to foster social cohesion amongst the scattered African persons or groups in Norfolk and thus mitigate any feelings or effects in isolation, social exclusion or racial abuse,
  • to provide a forum for association, consultation and mutual support particularly for members who are unemployed,
  • to promote personal development for self-reliance through activities that impart the appropriate knowledge and skills such as organic gardening, conservation science and other vocations that foster self-employment,
  • to sustain the African heritage through some social activities within the context of life in Britain, in collaboration with organisations with similar or complimentary aims &
  • to support the campaign for sustainable development and protection of the environment as well as advocacy of social justice and individual liberties.

Contact data

United Kingdom
47 Winchester Tower, Vauxhall Street
Norwich, Norfolk
+44 01603 625470
Contact Person
Eshetu Wondimagegne
Tel: +441603 625470

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campaigningadvocacyawareness raisingintegrationdiversitycultural activitieseducationdevelopment cooperationagriculture
migrationdecent workcultureglobal issuesdevelopmenteducationorganic gardening

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