Organic Gardening & Nature Conservation Programme


The Organic Gardening and Nature Conservation Programme of NACA is open to the African Diasporas and interested local residents in Norfolk - United Kingdom. It is about learning the techniques of growing vegetables, fruits, flowers and composting while staying in nature and meet other people. To participate in the programme volunteers must commit 2 hours per week during the growing seasons.The present horticultural skills training of 12 volunteers will continue until the end of October 2013. Register now for the 2014 programme.

Furthermore NACA experts are interested in sharing experiences and finding a placement for their volunteering experts in countries where there is a need for such experience and skills (in African & European countries).

NACA is looking for Diaspora/Migrant Organisations supported by their respective local authorities and working on the ground in inviting countries as partners. When partnering organisation expresses its interest and a realistic project proposal is presented to NACA; NACA has the possibility of applying for funding from UK Comic Relief Common Ground Initiative fund and be partner to execute the development project to help in the efforts of improving lives.  

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