PCCD - The Palestinian Center for Communication and Development Strategies (PCCDS)


young activists in development, democracy, and human rights in Hebron, in order to empower the disadvantaged families socially, politically, and economically. We aim to promote the concepts of democracy, social justice, nonviolence and human rights among the target groups based on the values of democracy, justice, equality, and social change through different projects, programs, and activities.

Our goals

1-   Empower the disadvantaged families socially, politically and economically.

2- Enhance the concepts of Democracy, Social injustice, human rights and nonviolence.


Developing the abilities of Palestinian NGO's, youth and women groups. And protecting human rights to contribute to the establishment of Palestinian community through activities, projects. and programs,Build the capacities of civil society organizations.

Our strategy

1- Develop strategies to reduce the economic and social gap between the poor and the rich in the Palestinian Territories.

2- Design programs and activities based on the needs of target groups.

3- Strengthen the cooperation and networking between civil institutions and government working in the area of development.

4- Strengthen the capacity of workers and volunteers in the civil institutions working in the area of development.

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