Social, Healthy and Economic Life for Older People Project


The Palestinian Center for Communication and Development Strategies (PCCDS)  is a Palestinian, non-profit and non- governmental organization that was established by a number of active youth in the fields of human rights and development. PCCDS has established the social and cultural center for older people. It provides services that target older people. It is the first organization in Palestine that targets older people in this way. We also conducted a field study to identify the needs of older people in Hebron. The analysis of the results showed that the priority of older people is the urgent needs for those who live alone. Objectives: 1-Enhancing the social, economic and health life for the needy older people. 2- Increasing the awareness of older people on their rights in social and economic welfare. 3- Enabling older people from defending their rights. Project Justifications:
  1. The absence of a social, health and economic welfare law for older people in Palestine.
  2.  The Palestinian society culture that  that neglects sending older people to care homes.
  3.  The difficult economic situations for older people who live alone.
  4.  The bad economic, health and social services that are provided for older people.
  5.  The death of many of older people due to their complicated life situation, mainly the deprived ones.
Project Locations: Hebron and Bethlehem.  Target Group: 1- Older people who live alone. 2- Older people who have families and do not have enough money to meet their needs. Suggested Activities:
  • Conducting a field study on the situation of older people in Hebron and Bethlehem regarding the civil and governmental services provided for them.
  • Improving the livelihood of 50 of older people through enhancing their homes so that they suit their needs.
  • Providing 50 of older people with medications they need.
  • Providing the handicapped with supplies they need.
  • Increasing the awareness of older people on their rights that they have to get from MoSA, MoH and UNRWA.
  • The promotion of a number of older people from defending their rights.
  • The implementation of two stabilization and mobilization campaigns against decision makers in the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA to legislate social and health welfare law for older people.
  • Conducting a  final field study to know the  level of the improvement of social and economic life of older people.

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Palestinian Territory, Occupied