Development Journalism for Tolerance and Against Hate Speech


For the purpose of successful project implementation, the Society Development Institute (SDI)will work directly with the Media Institute of Slovakia that will assist us in the preparation of the methodology for the development journalism and elaborate the training curriculum. This partner will help us in contacting and working with mainstream media, and especially, their leader editors who can affect non-hate speech and influence verbal bullying of  marginalized groups in the Slovak media environment. In addition the participation of experts form other SDI partner organizations, Mira Media and Veneto Lavoro, will be ensured. Those organizations are SDI network partners and do have a long experience in developing and strengthening the capacity of NGOs for the purpose of minority participation and representation of their rights in the media and public discourse through the use of various communication tools. Currently we are dealing with Norwegian organizations  who will contribute to the implementation of the media training and transfer of good practices in non-hate speech in the media.

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