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The main objectives of the association: - Promoting public policies and development, culture, education, creativity, library, information and reading literacy of citizens through the implementation of cultural-social and educational activities. - The association is interested in creating material, technical and financial capacity to meet the conditions of cultural, informational, educational, social and social needs for all ages, social and economic groups of population in Slovakia and abroad Working with migrants - Activities designed to improve migration policies and development cooperation policies - Support for migrants and facilitate the possibility of obtaining basic information and knowledge about language, country, its history, institutions, socio-economic, cultural life and the fundamental norms and values of society - Implementation of information seminars for migrants and provide them with online advice and develop and manage information portal for immigrants with practical implications for their continued work and social integration - Activities designed to facilitate the recognition of professional education by proposing legislative measures in the recognition of qualifications of migrants from non EU countries - Implement innovative means of training and training of migrants through information and training modules, online advice and assistance through a special integration officer Promoting culture - Activities related to supporting the integration of migrants into the labour market in cooperation with the university of Comenius, providing technical capacity and expertise to the project implementation and development of labour market oriented integration tools - Streamline cooperation with Slovak embassies abroad and embassies in the countries of origin of migrants, and partly to their educational institutions Diversification policies - Development and diversification of policies - Developing cooperation between East and West Europe Support for developing policies - Networking and international cooperation to share knowledge, good practices, know-how and technology, creating a network of cooperation with other associations with similar activities, - Coordination of activities and counseling on public, foreign and development policy and cooperation - Promotion of socio-economic development of regions and developing countries - Implementation of public surveys and studies to support the modernization of public policies and good governance - Creating conditions for humanization of the material and improve the lives of socially disadvantaged and disabled citizens

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