MAI - Migrants’ Women Aspirations Project


A pan London registered that works with disadvantaged communities including newly arrived migrants, asylum seekers, unaccompanied minors, long term unemployed, etc. We are registered with the Office of Immigration Service Commission to provide immigration casework to assist with settlement applications and family reunions, vocational training including NVQs and apprenticeships in health and social care, business start up and functional skills in English, maths and English for Speakers of other languages. We are accredited to deliver information, advice and guidance on a Pan London Level and have been registered as a charity since 1984 ie 30+ years of experience.   The project will create a peer support network of immigrant women and their female mentors from the host countries - Share the knowledge about the opportunities, the rights, the protection on the UE territory and overcome the gender stereotypes; - Support implementation of the relevant gender policies - Support migrant women to enhance their skills and learning acquired in their countries of origin  
  • Analysing the management of cultural diversity within cultural institutions
  • Networking and exchanging information on integration of migrant women including asylum seekers, support and coordination of activities to welcome them in host communities
  • Develop initiatives that may influence asylum and migration policies and processes for the effective or smooth integration of migrants.
  • Increasing the employers and employee understanding on diversity management at work place. Diversity management is about full utilization of people with different backgrounds and experiences

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